Gait Analysis

Through video analysis and the use of GAITRite, a temporal spatial gait system with more than 18,000 data sensors, our staff has the ability to quantify the analysis of a patient's gait pattern. This information is valuable in establishing baselines, measuring progress and improving the outcome of each intervention. This service is offered FREE of charge to all Hope Orthotics and Prosthetic patients. This valuable data is great for physical therapists, physicians, and even insurance companies to track progress and provide numerical proof. 

The GAITRite allows us to quickly and reliably calculate temporal and spatial gait parameters, such as velocity, cadence, step and stride length, swing and stance, plus more.

The images to the right are examples of the real-time data we'll receive as you walk across the GAITRite mat. The blue areas are the points of your foot that receive the most pressure while you're walking.This information is helpful when determining if you need orthotic intervention. 

The second picture shows a patient's stride and step length as they walk across the GAITRite mat.