Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
What Services does Hope offer?

Hope offers services in pedorthic, orthotic, prosthetic, and positioning equipment for people of all ages. We specialize in pediatrics.

What is an orthosis?

An orthosis is a splint or brace that is used to support, strengthen, align and improve function of movable parts of the body, usually an arm or leg.

Does Hope accept my insurance, Medicare or Medicaid?

Hope accepts Medicare and Medicaid. We participate with most major commercial insurance plans and many regional plans.

My insurance isn't that extensive and I'm worried about my out-of-pocket expense. Will Hope Orthotics work with me on payments?

Hope Orthotics  is dedicated to our patients and bettering their quality of life. Since each situation is unique, please let us know your financial position and we'll work together to find a remedy that is acceptable to both of us.

Does my insurance cover all of the charges at Hope Orthotics?

It depends on the insurer. Today's insurance polices are growing more complex, however, most of the products/services that we provide are covered in some capacity by the major insurance networks, Medicare and Medicaid. However, each policy is different and Hope Orthotics and Prosthetics will contact your insurance company to determine coverage prior to the product/service being provided. This way you can make an informed decision about whether to proceed or not with the service.

How much do you charge for an evaluation?

We have through diagnostic procedures, however we do not charge for them at the time of the evaluation. After your initial visit, we will make a recommendation to you and your physician. If you decide to move forward with our recommendation, then we will begin the billing process with the follow-up visit.

I am not able to visit one of your offices. Can I still receive service?

Yes. Hope Orthotics and Prosthetics sees patients throughout the greater Houston area. Both of our locations, Spring and Houston, offer mobile services to those patients who are unable to visit our office.

When you call to schedule your appointment, please let us know what location is nearest to you.